We really wanted to camp.  Unfortunately camping is really not a thing in Southern Spain.  But Ronda is the spot with hills and views and land and trees.  So we went to camp, without planning anything ahead of time.

After rolling with a few punches, we ended up hopping some fences, sneaking behind a couple of abandoned houses, and squatting on a rancher’s property with 3 Enos (Hammocks) for 4 people.  Slept real well.

Other Ronda highlights included eating 6 or 7 Spamwiches in 2 days, hiking up and down the same hill 4 times in order to simulate a hike, and watching a Spanish guitar duet play Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton overlooking a gorge.

Still, it was the unnoticed parts of Ronda that will stick with me.  The miles of mountainous farmland covered by chicken coops and horses wearing cowbells.  The dirt roads, rolling hills, and crisp air of rural Ronda, free from tourists, gave me a nostalgia of home that I had yet to have since arriving to Spain.

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